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Theses in progress

The data obtained in MGML represent substantial part of many students theses. Ph.D. students also frequently participate in laboratory operations.

Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral theses currently in progress:

Name Thesis title
Master Andrej Kancko The search for new spin-liquid materials – synthesis of kagome and pyrochlore fluoride magnets
Bachelor Adam Eliáš Crystals with magnetic frustration and multiferroic coupling
Master Dávid Hovančík Magnetic phase diagrams of antiferromagnets
Bachelor František Zajíc Growth of photonic single crystals by floating zone method
PhD Daniel Staško Crystallographic and electronic properties of rare-earth A2B2O7 oxides under extreme conditions
PhD Petr Král Pressure-driven structural and magnetic transformations in 221 intermetallics
PhD Akinari Kohriki Multipole ordering and cross-correlation phenomena in antiferromagnetic metals
PhD Petr Proschek Cooperative phenomena in intermetallics under multiextreme conditions
PhD Oleksandra Koloskova Magnetism in nanostructured systems on the basis of Uranium
PhD Kristina Vlášková Electron properties of R2T2O7 pyrochlores with strong spin-orbit coupling
PhD Petr Doležal Vibron states in crystalline compounds
PhD Martin Žáček Magnetic and chiral analogues of van der Waals heterostructures
Master Jiří Volný Electrotransport properties of CuMnAs single crystals

Theses defended during last 5 years