Materials Growth & Measurement Laboratory

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Annual Reports

Annual report 2021

We present the annual report covering the year 2021. The MGML management has defended the project for the next long-term funding (2023‐2029). The target of the project was to broaden the research landscape of MGML by optimizing existing infrastructure activities as well as creating new structural elements.

Annual report 2020

We present the annual report covering “Covid year” 2020. The facility significantly increased both national and international collaboration. As Scientific Highlights we are presenting complex studies on geometrically frustrated pyrochlore lattice and the discovery of the new phase of water when trapped within crystal lattice.

Annual report 2019

Our first annual report. This year’s Scientific Highlights features studies on two modern hot-topic group of compounds: Topological insulators and van der Waals materials. The annual report also presents our recent technical development as well as facts and figures about MGML, our user programme and collaboration with industrial sector.