Materials Growth & Measurement Laboratory

Czech open access research infrastructure

Industrial users

MGML is a research infrastructure open to the needs of industrial users. The funding rules allow the commercial utilization of MGML services by the broad community of industry partners, with typical examples illustrated below. Nonetheless, MGML is suited and oriented for application beyond the typical, and each case is treated individually. Starting with the first contact proof-of-concept access indicating whether our possibilities meet the needs of individual industrial partners. The outcome serves as a basis for cost estimation; nevertheless, the catalog of per-service fees is available in the User Office on demand.

Contact the User Office with the sketch of your interest/problem, our staff responsible for the specific instrument will answer you with possible solutions.

Laboratory scale material synthesis

MGML offers to solve the initial technological challenges in LRI’s laboratories, which significantly reduces costs and time. MGML puts a strong emphasis on material preparation and characterization, allowing high-end industrial users to test and better understand the technology of preparation in a small, relatively inexpensive laboratory scale before investing in their own equipment and applying it in industrial applications.

Fine-tuning of the technology process

The material characterization in MGML is based on many complementary techniques such as x-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, DTA/DSC analysis, AFM, etc. This allows for detailed investigation of industrially prepared materials and, depending on the request, investigation of the phase composition and/or stability, presence of possible stresses, etc., and the influence of varying technology procedures.

Physical property characterization

The methods used to investigate materials properties allow to characterize the materials beyond the conditions typically used in industry, yet needed in some instances to assess the material suitability for specific applications.