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Exploring superconductivity

The recent discovery of superconductivity in the heavy-fermion paramagnet UTe2 has attracted a lot of attention, particularly due to the reinforcement of superconductivity near quantum phase transitions induced by magnetic field and/or pressure. The magnetic properties of UTe2 are, thus, associated to its unusual superconducting properties.

Award winning actinides research

The recent publication is an outcome of Dávid Hovančík’s diploma thesis work. His comprehensive study on solid solutions of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic actinides was carried out within the European Erasmus+ student project and as a cooperation between MGML and Presov’s University UnipoLab. The thesis was evaluated as an excellent work and awarded with the Rector’s Award of University of Presov.

MGML User Committee Established

In December 2021 MGML User Committee has been set up. The main goal of the UC is to be the formal ground for user feedback and for improving the role of the user as an important part of the research infrastructure. In addition, MGML User Committee represents the user community at MGML Scientific Advisory Committee meetings.

Talented high school students spend a day in the lab

Students of Prague’s top physics-focused gymnasium get to take part in MGML’s experiments, explore possibilities of further work and study.

Student faculty grants at MGML

MGML in cooperation with DCMP offers a variety of theses related to the all areas of in-house research. There are topics on crystallography, materials’ structure,studies at extreme conditions, magnetism, superconductivity, low dimensional frustrated physics, condensed Matter theory or machine learning.

Best oral presentation award

František Zajíc, a bachelor student of our Department of Condensed Matter Physics has presented the results of his scientific work at the LUMDETR 2021 conference, which was organized on 12-17 September 2021 in Bydgoszcz, Poland.