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Magnetoelectric multiferroics

Full project name:

Multiferroic properties induced by strain or by intense terahertz radiation

Project Details

Multiferroics are materials with ferroic orderings of ions and spins which can mutually interact. Deepening the current knowledge about multiferroics and developing systems for new applications require examining the most suited materials by new experimental approaches. The project aims at verifying several new theories. In (MnO)m/(NiO)n superlattices, we will verify the prediction of turning MnO to a type-II multiferroic by compressive strain of more than 4%. In KTaO3, EuTiO3, and (Eu,Sr,Ba)TiO3 we will study ferroelectricity or magnetization transiently induced by intense pulses of terahertz radiation. In (Eu,Sr,Ba)TiO3 we will look for phenomena predicted near the multiferroic quantum critical point. In BaCuF4, we will study the strong magnetoelectric coupling, theoretically expected near 300 K. In new multiferroics with hexaferrite and quadruple perovskite structures, we will identify the different mechanisms of the static and dynamic magnetoelectric couplings. We will use a set of complementary methods, especially microwave, terahertz, Raman, and infrared spectroscopies.

  • Principal Investigator
    RNDr. Stanislav Kamba, CSc.
  • Team
    6 researches, 1 post-doc, 3 PhD students
  • Duration
  • Research area
    multiferroics and magnetoelectric coupling

RNDr. Stanislav Kamba, CSc.

Principle investigator

Current position: Deputy Head of Department of Dielectrics, Head of the Group of Infrared and Dielectric Spectroscopy

Main field:

  • High-frequency dielectric, terahertz and infrared studies,
  • Dynamics of structural and ferroelectric phase transitions (soft modes),
  • Phonons, magnons and electromagnons,
  • Multiferroics and magnetoelectric coupling.

Fields of interest and expertise: Condensed matter physics, structural and magnetic phase transitions

Role of MGML in the Project

An important part of the research is carried out in direct collaboration with the MGML facility. Besides basic magnetic characterizations we use the MGML instruments for measurements of magnetoelectric coupling, studies of multiferroic quantum criticalities at sub-Kelvin temperatures etc.

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