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Phase transformations in modern titanium alloys

Full project name:

Investigation of phase transformation mechanisms in modern titanium alloys

Project Details

The objective of this project of basic research is to study phase transformations in modern titanium alloys and to elucidate their influence on physical properties of the material. The results of the project will allow to improve properties of the studied alloys for construction and technical applications by advanced thermal treatment. In the course of this international bilateral project, the Czech-American research team will focus mainly on the investigation and characterization of effects occurring during phase transformations in β titanium alloys. Main specific topics include the mechanism of ω assisted α nucleation, the evolution of α particles during heating in material with different thermal history, the formation, dissolution and transformation of athermal ω and isothermal ω phases, and determination of the impact of different alloying elements on the specifics of individual phase transitions. The research carried out in the frame of this project will greatly benefit from the cooperation with the American partner (The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA). In particular, the cooperation will allow the members of the Czech research team to perform advanced high-resolution transmission electron microscopy experiments. These measurements will be complemented by laboratory experimental methods available at the proposer’s institution and by advanced analysis, interpretation and modelling of achieved results on phase transformations in titanium alloys. This joint approach will enable the Czech-American research team to obtain new fundamental knowledge about phase transformations, their kinetics and physical mechanisms.

  • Principal Investigator
    Dr. Jana Šmilauerová
  • Team
    1 professor, 3 postdocs, 4 students
  • Duration
  • Research area
    Phase transformations in Ti alloys

Dr. Jana Šmilauerová

Principle investigator

Current position: Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physics of Materials

Main field: Titanium alloys

  • High-frequency dielectric, terahertz and infrared studies,
  • Dynamics of structural and ferroelectric phase transitions (soft modes),
  • Phonons, magnons and electromagnons,
  • Multiferroics and magnetoelectric coupling.

Fields of interest and expertise:

  • Phase transformations and microstructure changes in titanium alloys.
  • Experimental methods employing synchrotron radiation (e.g. small-angle X-ray scattering, anomalous diffraction, in situ X-ray diffraction).
  • Investigation of phase transformations using in situ laboratory methods (differential scanning calorimetry, dilatometry, electric resistance measurement) and laboratory X-ray diffraction.

Role of MGML in the Project

MGML instruments will be employed for arc melting of Ti-Mo alloys in laboratory amount, their characterization by XRD measurements and also for the protection of samples during thermal treatment by encapsulating into quartz tubes.

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