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Magnesium phosphate cements

Full project name:

Rate control and morphosynthesis in magnesium phosphate cements role of additives

Project Details

Magnesium phosphate cements have attracted interest as alternative binders in civil engineering, for waste encapsulation, and as biomaterials. The fast reaction rates, high heat release and brittleness, are detrimental to the properties and don’t allow for enough working time. New additives are tested to modulate the reaction rates, the release of heat and modify its microstructure. Their mechanism of action is investigated in order to propose solutions.

  • Principal Investigator
    Dr. Alberto Viani
  • Team
    3 Researchers, 1 post-doc, 1 Ph.D. student
  • Duration
  • Research area
    Chemically bonded ceramics, chemistry of alternative cements

Dr. Alberto Viani

Principle investigator

Current position: Head of Laboratory of Materials analysis at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied mechanics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Main field:

  • Traditional and chemically bonded ceramics, materials for cultural heritage conservation.

Fields of interest and expertise: Investigation of relationships microstructure-properties applying spectroscopic, synchrotron- and neutron-based techniques.

Role of MGML in the Project

MGML furnace for high temperature was used to burn at 1600 C MgO, the source raw material for the formulation of the cements studied.

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