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Students visited Crytur Company

A specialized course of “Single Crystal Growth for Material Research” is organized regularly every year under the heading of MGML. In addition to standard lectures given by MGML staff, experts from private companies are invited to provide a direct connection between the theory, science, and real procedures in applications.

Excellent GAUK project

The project of Kristina Vlášková titled “Electon properties of R2T2O7 pyrochlores with the strong spin-orbit coupling” was evaluated as excellent by the Grant Agency of Charles University. The number and quality of project outcomes – 7 publications in scientific journals with impact factor – are tightly connected with the results obtained within the MGML laboratories.

Awarded diploma thesis

The results obtained within MGML are also included in the diploma thesis “Unconventional behavior of Ce and Yb compounds induced by extreme pressure” (Petr Král). Petr Král won a third place in the competition for the best thesis in material sciences held annully by the CRYTUR Company.

The large-scale facilities mini-school through a virtual format

Before the current crisis, a mini-school for budding physicists was planned and organized by scientists at the Technical University of Munich and MGML, Charles University – a cooperation project funded by the Bayerisch-Tschechischen Hochschulagentur. But as it has turned out, Corona forced the event to be held in a virtual format. The silver lining is that this format allowed a larger number of people from around the world to participate.

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